Hippocrates and Hypocrites: Thomas Lilti’s Hippocrate (2014)

Fear not the subtitles, fellow Anglophones; Thomas Lilti’s Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor (2014) is worth the effort, and it will appeal especially to those who, like Lilti himself, are enthusiasts of American medical dramas House M.D. and E.R. Think Grey’s Anatomy, but with Benjamin Barois (Vincent Lacoste) as a fresh-faced medical intern whose nascent career is subjected to the scrutiny of his father, esteemed physician Professor Barois (Jacques Gamblin).

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Hippocrates and Hypocrites: Thomas Lilti’s Hippocrate (2014)

Our Summer of Indie Cinema: The June Schedule

Here is a full list of upcoming screenings with Film Club at our local Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.  Click the link of the title below to purchase tickets!  Enjoy!

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Our Summer of Indie Cinema: The June Schedule

…And So It Begins.

[from the top of my voice!]


I promise, soon it will roll off our lips.  Welcome to what we hope will be a daily blog centered around a Film Club’s passion for cinema.  A bit of history…

One of my oldest memories that I have is of me riding my Huffy bike through the streets of Winchester to get to one of my local video stores, Motion Video.  I would run inside, pick through cover after cover of amazing VHS box art, and calmly place the slips for the counter person to 1) check me out and 2) collect my rewards.  I would pay handsomely, and return home with more than any one individual could possibly view ready to explore the magical world of cinema.  I was in love.

Since then I have witnessed the downfall of the video store, a cultural hub in many small towns that not only connected people with cinema, but also connected community to community.  It was a change to learn more about a person based off their viewing habits than you can imagine.  I miss, more than anything, the chance to walk into a video store and ask the disheveled person behind the counter what it is I SHOULD be watching!  No red box will ever tell me that.

So, in 2008 I developed a Film Club.  A group that would gather weekly to watch some of the most amazing foreign, classic, indie, and cult cinema from around the world.  Sometimes we would love it, at times we weren’t that keen on it, but most importantly it brought us all together and promoted a bond between individuals that would otherwise have never met.  As we developed this we continued to watch great movies, but needed a venue to grow.  With over 200 movies under our belt, but only about 150 members, we needed to grow.  We did this by partnering with our local Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester, Virginia.  Since that time, our group has grown to 1600+ members and we gather twice a week to watch outstanding cinema.  BUT, we still wanted to grow.  We wanted the world to experience Film Club.  So, a few of us decided to start a blog.  Thus, FROM THE PROJECTION ROOM was born.

We are experimenting.  Growing.  Trying out new things, but I promise you, you will find some amazing cinema if you chose to follow us.  So with that, I welcome you.  Every day we will have a new post dedicated to you about movies.  Horror, sci-fi, classic, indie, cult, family, you name it – we are going to write about it.  You will find different authors and different topics.  So, we encourage you to discover this community project.

My name is Andy and I will help answer any questions and keep the juices flowing.  Thank you for spending your time with us!


Andy G is a believer of film AND community.  He is the founder of Winchester Film Club.  He is passionate about Physical media and probably smells like unwound vhs tapes.  His constant ramblings about all things movies can be found @CinemaBandwagon


…And So It Begins.