Lost Weekend V: Men Go to Battle


This is not a Civil War movie. It is a story about two idiot brothers who happen to live during the Civil War. The former does not so much inform the latter as the latter allows the former to seek a kind of redemption. Which is fortunate for the brothers; otherwise, they would drown in their idiocy.

Actually, only one of the brothers is an idiot: Francis, an out-of-his-depth farmer who fancies himself a financier and master horticulturist and raconteur and he is not any of those things. Not even close. Henry, his long-suffering brother, is continually beaten down by his idiot brother’s schemes and plots and cruelties and finally, FINALLY, says the heck with it and lights out for the Union Army. After making a fool of himself at an out-of-his-depth social engagement, that is.

Maybe he’s as big an idiot as his brother.

But, no, he’s not. He’s blessed with gallons more commons sense than Francis, but cursed with filial duty which requires him to defer to the idiot, which ruins what few opportunities Henry has. Hence, the running off to be a soldier, the only chance left for Henry to find a life of his own. Which he blows.

Maybe he’s as big an idiot as his brother.

Who knows? Who cares? Both characters are forgettable, like the background denizens of small, unnoticed byways barely glimpsed from an interstate exit. A flash, a recognition, then gone.

Just like this movie.


Lost Weekend V: Men Go to Battle

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