Lost Weekend IV: Finders Keepers


Finders Keepers is a documentary but you won’t believe that because there’s no way this is real. Just no way. A film covering a dispute over an amputated leg found in a barbecue smoker? C’mon, stop it. But, it’s true. God help us.

While “amputated leg found in a barbecue smoker” sounds suspiciously like the first few moments of a Monty Python skit, that’s what happened: John Wood, destitute from a substance abuse problem, abandons a storage unit in which he’d left a barbecue smoker containing his amputated leg…his actual leg: not a wooden one or a prosthetic. He’d  asked the doctor to give it to him after it was amputated. Sentimental value, I guess. That he thought to keep it inside a smoker opens up other subjects but let’s stay focused. A guy named Shannon Whisnant buys the storage unit at auction and discovers the leg and, well, finders keepers.

F**kery and shenanigans ensue.

Whisnant attempts to make money off the limb by selling tickets, T-shirts, and appearing on a reality show, while John Wood goes through increasingly desperate measures to recover the foot. It all ends up before Judge Mathis. I kid you not.

It is a bizarre story, all true, all crazy, and you’ll spend half the film with your jaw dropped. But, you will be vastly entertained.

God help us.

Lost Weekend IV: Finders Keepers

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