Lost Weekend III: Amira and Sam

Amira and Sam.jpg

A Romantic Comedy for the Ages

Could a veteran from the Iraq or Afghanistan Wars ever fall in love with Arabic woman? Veterans from the two wars see the ugly side of the Arabic world. American veterans see and extremism and oppression daily in Middle East and have to fight against those ideals that are so embedded in Arabic culture. They usually come back scarred from fight and suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  However, Amira and Sam show that two people can fall in love despite being complete opposites.

Sam is a Iraq War veteran in New York City.  He is a security guard but doesn’t suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He had an Arabic interpreter named Bassam and visits him because they formed a special bond.  He meets  Amira, Bassam’s niece, and she has reservations about Sam.  Amira sells bootlegged DVDs on a street corner. She gets busted and has immigration for her. Sam takes her in to protect her because of his connection to Bassam.  The two eventually discover admiration and affection for each other.

Amira and Sam is a great romantic comedy. It does touch on multiple themes such as: the effects of war, greed, different cultures, and the current American Foreign Policy. The acting is very superb.  Martin Star is exceptional as Sam. He uses his tone in his voice and body language to captivate the audience’s attention.  Dina Shihabi is amazing as Amira.  Her performance is very strong. She uses facial expressions to show the changing of her feelings and mood towards Martin Star’s character.

Amira and Sam is a romantic comedy for all to see.

 Jimmy Cooper can be found wandering Twitter at @Coopdizzle05  Plus, read his other reviews at COOP ON THE SCOOP

Lost Weekend III: Amira and Sam

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