From Tattoo to Tatooine: A Journey for the Star Wars Fan

I am, by no modest claim, the world’s biggest Star Wars fan… or so it seems to me. I have breathed it since I can remember. I have know it inside and out for pretty much my whole life. When I turned eighteen, I just knew I was going to need to bleed for it. This is when I decided to get me first tattoo, and it had to be a Star Wars one.


There was one character that stood out as the coolest, Boba Fett. He is the Batman of the Star Wars Universe. He has no powers, he was orphaned at a young age, he uses gadgets to catch criminals. I drew his Mandalorian Mythosaur skull symbol on my arm for four years before finally deciding to go ahead and just get the thing. I have loved it since. My tattoo is not uncommon. Many others have been drawn to the mysterious symbol. In fact, I have run into many strangers who have the same one.

Years go by, and tattoos from other fantasy worlds were collected. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Dark Tower, but always I am a Star Wars fan first. When I heard about The Alamo’s contest for Star Wars tattooed fan, I kinda had to do it, common as mine was. I hate the idea of doing multiple social media sites, so I groaned like a hurt Wookiee the whole time I was setting up an Instagram account, but I suffered through and entered. When Star Wars broke the internet due to presales, I did not get any. I jokingly said, I trust in The Force to get me a seat.

Two weeks later, I was getting an e-mail saying I won the all expenses paid trip to Austin to see all seven film in a row on the big screen. Wow. It took about 20 min for me to really accept it. I was going to get to see my favorite series, in a theater, in order, including the new one, in a city I’ve never been to. Sign me up!
The next couple weeks were spent not only anticipating the film coming out, but also this amazing trip fate had bestowed upon me. Then it came time to go. Upon arriving at the house they rented for us, I was bombarded by Star Wars images. Balloons, decorations, board games, wall art, Star Wars food products. The whole house was a Star Wars fan’s dream. As each winner from each Alamo arrived, we found ourselves eager to talk about all things Star Wars.

You see, regular fans love the films. Huge Star Wars fans, those fanatical enough to get a tattoo for it, have roots in books, comics, games, and cartoons as well. We found ourselves telling campfire stories into the night, knowing we all had to be in bed soon. To do the seventeen and a half hour marathon, timed just right to lead up to the premier of The Force Awakens, we had to be at the theater at four in the morning. Of course, we were all very excited and made our way to the theater.

Costumed fans, crowds of nerds, families,  and all were present and crowding the lobby. This event was very exclusive. I was starting to realize how lucky I was. Among us were contest winners for a separate Alamo contest, and the six people doing this marathon followed by repeating showing of The Force Awakens until only one was left. I heard the winner made it to thirty hours and won a seven year pass to The Alamo.
Now, here it was, the marathon. Episode I, The Phantom Menace, followed by Attack of the Clones. No matter how you feel about them, these are very commonly accepted as the worst two. OK, those were behind us. On to Revenge of the Sith, my second favorite. So much emotion. So many unanswered questions. Now we get to the original trilogy. Time really starts flying here. I know these film so well. Those around me started to get punchy at this point. We played with the toys we brought, giggled at our row’s massive game of “that’s what she said” when lines were spoken. Drinks were had. Excitement was mounting.

Finally, after fifteen hours on our butts, in a dark room, brimming with nerds, The Force Awakens started. For two hours we cheered, and cried out, and wept, and clapped. Our lives were changing, you see. A new chapter of a story we feel so strongly about had been placed before us, and we were all left feeling quite satisfied. Sad goodbyes in the morning parted our group of tattooed Star Wars fans, as we all went our separate ways.

We noted how the event bonded us, and we were all so grateful to The Alamo for providing us this experience. I will not be forgetting it any time soon. I’ve been to international Star Wars conventions and even went to a Star Wars party at Disney World. This trip certainly ranked up with those. The Force is strong with me. So strong, that I now have vowed to get a new Star Wars tattoo in honor of the whole event.

May the force be with you…


From Tattoo to Tatooine: A Journey for the Star Wars Fan

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