You’re So Cool: A TRUE ROMANCE Review

Once again, I have the pleasure of reviewing a movie that is absolutely impossible to find for viewing from my couch. And in this case, what a tragedy. Luckily, I just so happen to be a member of an incredible film club (and sister club) that is lucky enough to view amazing movies at our local Alamo Drafthouse. And thank God for this! With a crazy group of Psycho Cinema peeps, I was able to FINALLY see True Romance…again….for the, I don’t know, hundredth time. It truly is a tragedy that this movie isn’t more readily available. With an all star cast, amazing plot, and blood and gore from start to finish, this movie is a must see.


Clarence (Christian Slater) is a shy, but sweet comic book store employee out on his birthday catching a triple kung fu feature…by himself. In what appears to be an accidental “bump in”, he meets Alabama (Patricia Arquette). It is love at first sight and Alabama comes clean that she is call girl paid by Clarence’s boss as a birthday gift. This new info does nothing to damper Clarence’s love for Alabama. In fact, he makes it his mission to save Alabama from her super creepy and incredibly violent pimp, Drexl (Gary Oldman) which sets off a set of events that forever change their lives. In one bloody scene after another, Clarence and Alabama find themselves running from the law, hiding from mobsters, and working angles to sell more cocaine than you could suck up with a Dyson.


Directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino, this is cult classic movie making gold. Tarantino’s story is classic Tarantino. Blood, gore, violence, language, kung fu, he puts it all in there. The direction by Scott is mesmerizing. The fight scenes are well choreographed and seem completely real, the on screen chemistry between characters is life like, and at one point the audience literally takes a roller coaster ride….literally. Each and every scene is scripted so well and so full of action and thrill, that even after my 101st viewing, I was floored….and we haven’t even addressed the acting.


Christian Slater (swoon). Patricia Arquette. Dennis Hopper. Gary Oldman. Brad Pitt. Val Kilmer. James Gandolfini. Samuel L. Jackson. Tom Sizemore. Michael Rapaport. Bronson Pinchot. Chris Penn. And Christopher Walken. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! This in an insane list of names, an ensemble that you just have to see together on film. The on screen chemistry between this current, past and present group of A list of actors was something I have never seen before and I doubt I will ever see again. Christian Slater was made for this role, he was perfect (of course). Slater grasped on to the greeky comic book guy role and flew head first down the fast track to drug lord. He never faltered or failed to make me believe in the evolution of his character, driven by an infatuation with everything cool about the image of Elvis Presley. Walken was Walken, terrifing, mesmerizing and somehow funny as always. Gary Oldman played a scared, one eyed reggae pimp like that was what he was born to do. Penn and Sizemore were the best cop duo I have ever seen on screen, complete with Jersey accents in L.A. Nailed it. But my personal favorite was Michael Rapaport as Dick Richie, Clarence’s best friend. He had me laughing, crying, and thanking my lucky stars that I wasn’t in his shoes.

There is absolutely nothing I didn’t like about this movie. Not one f*cking thing! It is pure genius from start to finish. The story, the directing, the acting, the camera angles, the setting, all of it was amazing. So, no you can’t rent it or stream it or even find it on YouTube and I doubt you will be as lucky as I was to be able to see it on the big screen in all its glory, but that’s okay because you can buy it. And you should. This movie can be and should be seen over and over and over again.

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You’re So Cool: A TRUE ROMANCE Review

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