They’re Freegan Adorable! A KRAMPUS Review

So where to begin with the Krampus? Did you grow up with the Gremlins? Do you watch Christmas Vacation every year? Well this may just be the movie for you! So come on in and sit down and take a read. I’ll let you know what you need to decide if this is the movie for you.


So we begin in the beginning where the movie gets its feel of Christmas Vacation. We start off with what could have easily been a Black Friday sale at any Walmart in the country. From there we see a brawl between costumed kids at a Christmas display. From there we move on to the house and the Sister and Brother-in-law show up with their family that will remind you of Randy Quaid and his family. Certain events take place that, again, play out like Christmas Vacation. Now I don’t say this in a bad way. They did really well with the story they were telling it had humor and seriousness but mainly humor. From there we move on to the next chapter of the movie.

After the obvious family fighting that happens in every, yes every, Christmas movie, Krampus arrives. Arrive in awesomeness dunked in a side of awesome sauce. Once the events start, it’s all downhill from there. Some of the scenes you saw clips of in the commercials. The good part is that they were far from the best scenes. A Man-Eating Jack-in-the-Box, an Attacking Ginger Bread Men and a few other others show up. The awesome part is that it reminds you of Gremlins. They are supposed to be terrifying but ultimately end up being funny and comedic with a lot of their scares. All this leading up to an ending I really didn’t expect.


So ultimately I loved this movie. I watched it with my daughter, who told me we have to buy this as soon as it’s released on Blu-ray. The humor was on point. The scares were great but fit in with the humorous style of the movie. Krampus looked awesome and in the words of my daughter “The Ginger Bread Men aren’t scary, their freegan adorable!” I really didn’t expect the ending to turn out the way it did. This movie was a blast to watch. We laughed the entire time. There were a few jumps here and there too. Ultimately I would recommend this movie for some good Christmas fun.

They’re Freegan Adorable! A KRAMPUS Review

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