PSYCHO CINEMA in December: A Time to be Merry and Slashy…

Psycho Cinema is the sister organization run by the hostest-with-the-mostest Faye G.  They bring rarely-screened horror, sci-fi, and obscure films to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester.  Join Faye’s group by clicking this LINK and prepare for the unexpected!



Tuesday, December 1st at 8:30pm

Presented by the American Genre Film Archive!

Santa Claus has always been synonymous with happiness, peace, and fun. Now Santa Claus will also be synonymous with witches, pie fights, and a sassy talking Christmas tree that grants wishes to a malicious young man with an enormous derriere. THE FUNTASTIC WORLD OF SANTASPLOITATION replicates an authentic holiday tradition of days gone by. Namely, exposing Santa Claus as a harbinger of trans-dimensional nightmares. We’ve raided the American Genre Film Archive for the best-of-the-best in bizarro Christmas lunacy. Adults dressed in dollar-store animal costumes! Delusional Christmas clowns! SATAN! And to top it all off, a brand new 2K transfer of the most infamous full-length Santasploitation mind-melter of all time — THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE! We cannot be held responsible for any lasting trauma.

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Saturday, December 5th at 10:30am

Journey into fantasy with Ridley Scott’s epic treat for the eyes, the ears and the imagination. Tom Cruise stars as Jack, a young man who finds himself in battle against the Lord of Darkness, an impressively red demon who seeks to destroy daylight and steal Jack’s one true love. Mia Sara is Lili and David Bennent, Billy Barty and Robert Picardo co-star.  When the live of the last unicorn is threatened – an act which would create eternal night, forest boy Jack and his elven allies must rally against a demon – a monster who also seeks to marry the fairy princess who Jack has promised his heart to.

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Tuesday, December 8th at 7:30pm

Max’s (Adam Scott) dysfunctional family is paid a visit by the other seasonal guest over the holidays, and it’s not of the the jolly variety.  This naughty clan (including Toni Colette) is spending these holidays fighting for their lives and learning why it pays to be Nice during the season of giving in KRAMPUS, a film that brings the classic German anti-Santa to the big screen.


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Friday, December 11th at 10:30pm

An operatically cinematic tale of lurid murder and revenge.
An uncompromising revenge thriller of operatic scope, THE WORLD OF KANAKO is a non-stop visual and emotional assault to the senses as it follows troubled ex-detective Akikazu (Kôji Yakusho, 13 ASSASSINS, BABEL) on the hunt for his missing teenage daughter, Kanako. What he discovers in his search is an unsettling and harrowing web of depravity––surrounding both Kanako and himself. As Akizaku stumbles along a shocking trail of drugs, sex and violence, he finds himself woefully unprepared for the revelations that affect all he holds dear.  Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima (Confessions, Japan’s submission for the Academy’s® best foreign language film in 2011), THE WORLD OF KANAKO is an astonishing tour de force of mystery, beauty and boundary-pushing violence. A wildly kinetic and startlingly venomous throwback to the best that Asian extreme cinema has to offer, THE WORLD OF KANAKO offers a trip right up to the edge of a man’s private hell––and over it.

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Saturday, December 12th at 10:30am

We’re giving away a Mondo GREMLINS sweater to one lucky winner at this screening!

Set in the town of Kingston Falls, NY (which would later double as Hill Valley, CA in 1985’s BACK TO THE FUTURE), GREMLINS tells the story of a young boy named Billy who is gifted a nauseatingly cute creature for Christmas by his father. When this creature, called a mogwai, is exposed to water, it sprouts other mogwai. If the mogwai eat food after midnight (pacific time) they turn into vicious new creatures called gremlins. The only way to kill them is with Vitamin D.

What’s interesting about GREMLINS is how wonderfully disjointed it is thematically. Director Joe Dante (THE HOWLING, PIRANHA) set out to create a legitimately frightening holiday horror film while Executive Producer Steven Spielberg (Your childhood) favored a more family friendly affair. GREMLINS is seemingly two films in one. Multiple human characters are straight up murdered by the gremlins on the same night the creatures participate in a giant SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES sing-a-long. Our hero speeds through a department store in a Barbie Corvette. An old xenophobe does battle with a snow plow. A mailbox tries to eat a priest. In less adept hands a film like GREMLINS is a complete mess but with a lovely screenplay by Chris Columbus, great direction by Dante, expert creature design by Chris Walas and Spielberg’s magic touch, GREMLINS is a type of madness that just works. (Jay Shaw, Mondo Creative Director)

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Sunday, December 13th at 3pm



It’s the eve of Christmas in northern Finland and an archaeological dig has just unearthed the real Santa Claus. But this particular Santa isn’t the one you want coming to town. When all the local children begin mysteriously disappearing, young Pietari and his father capture the mythological being. Santa’s elves, however, will stop at nothing to free their fearless leader from captivity.

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Tuesday, December 15h at 7:00pm

If you trespass upon them, they’ll trespass upon you…

When London conservationist Adam (Game of Thrones’ Joseph Mawle) and his wife Clare (Bojana Novakovic, DEVIL, DRAG ME TO HELL) move with their infant son to a remote house near the Irish forest, they quickly find their new neighbors unwelcoming. The discovery of a gruesome “zombie fungus” growing in the house is just the beginning, as the surrounding woods spew forth a terrifying array of folkloric banshees, baby snatchers, and demons. Awash in the otherworldly atmosphere of a dark fairy tale, THE HALLOW cleverly toys with genre conventions while unleashing some of the most nightmarishly terrifying creatures in years.

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Tuesday, December 15h at 9:00pm

Everyone loves STAR WARS. But wouldn’t STAR WARS be better if it featured music from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, Han Solo repeatedly beating monsters with their own severed limbs, and children being murdered by mummies? Of course it would! Incorporating actual footage from STAR WARS with what appears to be snuff footage from Dimension X, TURKISH STAR WARS is — by far — the ultimate achievement in outlaw plagiarism from the land of Turkey. Mostly because this pop-art power-blast reimagines George Lucas’s seminal space opera as a statement on nuclear war with skeletons riding horses and boulders that function as grenades. Existing beyond mortality and rejecting rationality, TURKISH STAR WARS is so thoroughly berserk that it alters our perceptions of what it means to be alive. In the words of Turkish Darth Vader: “It’s as if the earthlings are using magic!”
PSYCHO CINEMA in December: A Time to be Merry and Slashy…

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