Foreshadowing: A Review of Ghost in the Shell

As usual I went in as blind as possible. This was more difficult with this particular film being a part of a series of film adaptations of a popular anime but I had never watched the show so I thought I was doing well.

Have you ever sat down and daydreamed about the future and it slowly slipped into a gigante-normous pit of weirdness? Like you really just let your mind wonder and sat back to see just how out of hand it would get. That’s what I imagine the manga-ka and director sitting down to create this film did to bring it to life. I cannot describe this film as anything but an acid-using engineering major’s fever dream mirage of the future for humanity. The crazy thing is it makes sense in all the worst ways.


Picture a societal future where marketing cosmetic teams are preying so much on the vanity and anxiety of self image that they develop a series of robotic cosmetic replacements features for people to start using. It could have been as simple as starting with the disable and replacing eyes for the blind, ears for the deaf, and giving realistic robotic prosthetics to those with missing limbs as we do today. It has a positive motive and helps many. Then as the technology advances greed sets in for the leading companies and they decide to expand.Somewhere along the road the technology becomes available for general public use such as convincing women to replace their legs and armpits with robotic armor so that they wouldn’t have to shave anymore. This become a routine exercise and people start asking to replace their full bodies to that they may live longer and without illness. Thus cyborg life is born and with it a entire new set of crimes to commit and to stop.

The movie’s plot is pushed by one big event the Prime Minister of Japan was assassinated when a bomb went off in Newport City and heroin Major Motoko Kusanagi  of law enforcement Section 9 and known born cyborg has been framed. She goes onto investigate the situation as well as continuing the investigation to find the virus FireStarter which was an issue in the last installment Ghost in the Shell: Arise. Then in one night she tries to fight off the cyborg taking on her form and stop the dangerous virus from spreading. Things look bleak until her comrades of Section 9 come to her rescue from the grasps of the mysterious section 501 who reveal themselves as the culprits and the Ghost of Luitenant Colonel Kurtz is their leader who has been posing as Major Kusanagi by uploading herself to different robotic armor! This turn of events is heartwrenching for Motoko because Kurtz was one of her fellow student at the academy she was sent to for training when she was born a cyborg. In the end Motoko’s name is cleared and Kurtz gets away by uploading her self to a newly developed server but section 9 is put back in the good graces of the Japanese military and Newport City.


As far as animation goes the action scenes and gun play were more than what I expected. The scenes were beautifully drawn and enticing. This is not the first film in this series but I recommend the entire series for viewing purposes as well as the short 10 episode series.


Foreshadowing: A Review of Ghost in the Shell

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