The Most Cliches or The Last Witch Hunter: The Decision is Yours: A Review

At the end of the day, The Last Witch Hunter was nothing more than a generic story full of cliches. So let us start at the beginning. The movie starts with Vin Diesel or Dom or Riddick-because virtually its the same character- playing a witch hunter some 800 years before modern times in search of the Witch Queen. After killing the Queen, Diesel gets cursed with immortality. Fast forward 800 years and he has been imprisoning witches instead of killing them. The fight continues as every possible predictable scenario happens. I don’t want to give the whole story away but I will go ahead and hit on some of the finer points.

CGI, imagine lots of CGI. Green screens must have been on sale shorty before the movie was made. Swarms of plague flies, people imprisoned in stone, and lots of flashy thunderstorms are just a few of the special effects. The giant tree and fires were pretty much obvious CG. So don’t expect to be overwhelmed by the effects.

As I said earlier, the story was generic in almost every way. Loaded with predictable love interests and obvious plot “twists” about the nature of his immortality. It really is sad to see how short on ideas Hollywood really is. They really had potential for the story but instead decided to rehash overused ideas.

Overall it’s an average movie. Diesel seems to play his familiar roles from Fast and Furious and Riddick instead of trying to take a chance and do something new. The story just couldn’t seem to get out of its own way when it came to generic ideas and trite story elements. If you’re going to the film expecting something awesome, then you’ll be disappointed. If you see it expecting Riddick learns magic, then you’ll be ok. I wanted to love this movie because I’m really looking for some new SciFi Fantasy movies that blow me away. This, however, just wasn’t it.

The Most Cliches or The Last Witch Hunter: The Decision is Yours: A Review

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