That’s the Ninja Way: A Review of Hiroyuki Yamashita’s BORUTO

Naruto was my childhood plain and simple. It was my nerdy gateway drug of awesomeness without it I would have never passed down the slippery slope from anime to Japanese Rock (popularly known as J-Rock) and into the Korean music and television scene. I know that I’m not the only person with this similar story and we all patiently waited for so many years to have closure for Naruto and all his friends. If you are familiar with Naruto you know that we never got that closure because the ending of the television chronicle of Konoha’s favorite Knuckle-headed Ninja introduced more than we could bargain for. Age was never really discussed in the series but between the two shows (Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden) we watch Naruto from age 12 to about age 17 and then at the end of the series we are surprised with some Harry Potter-esque 19 years later epilogue crap that instead of giving fans closure caused so many questions about occupations, lifestyles, and CHILDREN!!!

BORUTO a film about Naruto’s son and the children of his friends going through the stress of every ninja child’s first exhibition of strength the Chunin Exams. Boruto Uzamaki son of the seventh Hokage Naruto Uzamaki is the focus of the film that gives us the closure we’ve been begging for.

All of the former main characters are there and we are given a closer look into their lives post the Second Great Ninja War. This alone is a satisfying plot but of course the Naruto plot has never been complete without the ANGST. SO MUCH ANGST.

Boruto struggling to win the hearts of the villagers of Konoha (The Village Hidden in the Leaves) especially the attentions of his father Lord Hokage. He defects out of desperation to a scientist testing out his new invention Ninja Tools which take the heart and hard work out of becoming a shinobi with a series of mechanisms that hold justus (ninja techniques) in pill form. Once he is found out he is disqualified from the Chunin Exams with no way to recover his honor swiftly.

This problem is miniscule when looking in retrospect at the number of near death experiences fans have had to witness over the years so at this point I’m in the theatre waiting for the big bad guy in the shadows to make an appearance in Konoha. Momoshiki Kinshiki Otsutsuki flamboyant alien with an unhealthy attachment to his robes arrives on the scene and announces his intentions easily enough by kicking Naruto clear through the Chunin Exam stadium.


Naruto is taken by Momoshiki and all hope seems lost until Boruto and Sasuke decided to go look for him and With the help of the Five Kage, the leaders of the five allied villages of the land of fire, Momoshiki is vanquished and guess who got the throw the last move? Boruto Uzamaki who throughout this entire film wanted nothing more than to understand his father and after seeing Lord Hokage fight for his people couldn’t understand more that sacrificing for your people is the ultimate ninja way.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the backstory for this film I recommend watching it because it is so heartfelt and full of action (a rare combination). I was so excited in the theatre that I cried, screamed and cheered all throughout the screening and while I might have annoyed the people beside me I was so enthralled that I couldn’t care.

That’s the Ninja Way: A Review of Hiroyuki Yamashita’s BORUTO

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