Attack on Titan Part 2, otherwise known as the second half.


To review the second part of a story, its only fair that I pick up where Part 1 ended:

As Part 2 opened, I was still excited to see a second part because I had a pretty good idea of what to look forward to, rogue titans beating other titans to a pulp with the vulnerable human characters looking on in awe. Kind of surprising then that the plot kind of forgets about the average titan and becomes more of a ‘family’ story. You know like around the 4th season of your favorite show where everyone’s been introduced and there’s been some growth but all of a sudden the plot turns inward instead of having characters interact with external forces. I might expect that from a part 3 so it felt kind of early.

There’s a 5 minute recap to bring everyone up to speed (much like the prelude to The Hobbit), but much of Part 2 involves exploring and explaining where the Titans came from. Are they natural or were they created? Personally this whole explanation of where the Titans came from was interesting if not entirely original. The way it fits in the horror genre is original, and creates a valid scenario of the end of the world that I hadn’t ever heard of (don’t worry, it’s not another virus or zombie plague). While it explains why the world ended, it’s curiously Japan-centric (but at the same time implying a worldwide outbreak).

Source: (BTW this image is from a pretty awesome examination of 2001 A Space Odyssey that’s worth checking out on its own)

Outside of that central plot there’s a scene in the middle involving a jukebox that’s so surreal it’s like it came straight out of Kubrik’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the brother remains conflicted that his sister is growing up, school mates sacrifice themselves needlessly in kamikaze runs, the hungry girl remains hungry, and the quirky scientist chick nearly has an orgasm when the Colossal Titan shows up and the completes their mission. Oh, and the Armored titan shows up. It’s pretty awesome.


Of course I’m being nebulous on the details because so much of this movie is spoiler territory and with each part clocking in at around 90 minutes, it really would have made more sense to cut some of the slower scenes in both and release as a single longer film. But sadly, that’s up to the producers and not the audience. Like I was saying in my review for the first part, the film is technically part of a different universe than the other mediums of the franchise so hopefully the Anime’s creators can take more time playing out the origin of the Titans to make it more organic instead of plot determined.


In closing, I would definitely recommend the Attack on Titan films for a good helping of Asian dystopia. They’re both a lot of fun if you don’t focus on the details and can enjoy the open destruction. Oh, and like every other Anime in recent years (and part 1 as well) there’s a stinger scene after the credits which is a total “Come ON!!!!!!!!” leaving enough open room for a part 3, or not. Either way, it was a fun ride, with a fun audience.

Since these screenings of Attack on Titan, there’s been some added interest which I’ve seen through Facebook, but with since these type of screenings are limited releases, here’s some similar screenings coming up:

Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie (concluding events from the Arise OVA’s which Alamo also screened a few months ago). Ghost in the Shell shares similar themes to Attack on Titan in that there’s a number of different versions of the same story in different mediums, all centered around the exploration of human’s integration with technology in the future and the cyber crimes that result.

It’s playing Wednesday November 11 @ 9:00pm & Monday November 16 @ 9:00pm. I’m definitely going to one of them, so see you there!

When he’s not driving to work, has his hands in his car and/or house, or is attending Film Club events as an #Awesome13 & #Sweet16 alum, Benjamin can be found listening to podcasts and hoping to start his own one day. Reformed Trekker; self-identified Anglophile; and Anime fan by way of Akira, Ghibli, & Gundam. You can find him on the Film Club Facebook page as well as right here planning his next meta review.
Attack on Titan Part 2, otherwise known as the second half.

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