A Communist with AIDS that Bites: A Review of Bobcat Goldthwait’s CALL ME LUCKY

‘Hero’ has never been a word I have used lightly.

Wednesday night in a darkened theater I was introduced to a man who I can only describe as a true American hero. Political satirist, social commentator, activist, beer drinking, cigarette smoking comedian Barry Crimmins. Director Bobcat Goldthwait introduces us to Barry in his newest film Call Me Lucky, a lovingly filmed, hysterical and powerfully emotional documentary. Through numerous interviews with friends, family, neighbors, and collaborators, archival footage and the man himself, we are ushered into Barry’s paradoxical world. This is the world of an angry man, a man abused, a man capable of great eloquence, empathy, emotion and compassion. A no-bullshitting man who is not afraid to tell it how it is and fight the fight for the victimized in the name of truth and justice. A hero.

It is difficult to review the film without telling Barry’s story, which is exactly what I do not want to do here. I can say that Goldthwait has crafted a wonderful film with plenty of insightful interviews with classic comedians such as Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, David Cross, Kevin Meaney, Jonathan Katz and many others.

I have nothing but the highest praise for Call Me Lucky. I feel truly lucky for having learned of the life of Mr. Crimmins and his heroic lifelong efforts in fighting the system while still making us laugh at the same time. Now excuse me while I go get a beer and flip the bird at the Catholic church.

When Russ isn’t watching movies or MST3k he can typically be found reading, napping, playing with LEGO, and on the occasion creating art
A Communist with AIDS that Bites: A Review of Bobcat Goldthwait’s CALL ME LUCKY

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