How to Survive a Lost Weekend Event: A Step-By-Step Guide to Lost Weekend IV

Over the past several weeks I have had a few folks ask me…

How do you watch so many films over such a short period of time?

My answer, easily, is WITH OUR EYES.  But that got me thinking, perhaps we need a guide to help those veteran Film Club members PLUS those experiencing Lost Weekend for the first time navigate successfully and ultimately become one of those fabled members that make it through all 18 screenings!  I have developed this trusty guide to assist in making this upcoming weekend one you will talk about for a very long time.



  1. Have A Blast!  The entire point of any Lost Weekend is to walk away and say, “I cannot wait until our next one!”  If you cannot say that by Sunday, we have done something wrong and should be offered as a sacrifice to the Cinematic Gods.  To have fun, we have these simple guidelines:
    1. Talk About the Movies Before and After the Screenings.
    2. Stretch Between Films
    3. Openly Laugh,Cry, or be Surprised
    4. Eat and Drink
  2. Engage with our SPONSORS.  It is because of each of them that we are able to continue this great event, so if you see someone with a glorious SPONSOR badge, shake their hand and say “Thanks”.
  3. TALK ABOUT LOST WEEKEND!  Remember, the more people that know about Lost Weekend the better it becomes (and we sell out in 6 hours), so use social media to talk about this event.  We will be monitoring ALL WEEKEND, so use social media, take photographs, be involved and share.  I always love to hear folks that are not with us that say to me, “I didn’t realize that is what Lost Weekend was all about!”  Use the # (hashtag) #LostWeekendIV when openly discussing.  Remember to tag filmmakers so that they see the activity that is brewing.  I will be mentioning those out before each film.
  4. INTERACT WITH THE IN THE MOUTH OF DORKNESS PODCASTERS.  We will be having a LIVE PODCAST throughout this event, so take the time to go and visit this between films to speak your mind about each of the films screened.  We will be sharing out their thoughts throughout the weekend.
  5. ENJOY THE BREAKS!  Those are in place to help break up the time.  Enjoy back massages, beer tastings, the SILENT AUCTION, and the photo booth.  Take this moment to see a glimpse of the sun for the entire weekend!
  6. SUPPORT THE HANDLEY LIBRARY!  Remember, our goal this LOST WEEKEND is to raise $2500 to bring our entire collection to the Handley Library.  Support our SILENT AUCTION happening Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!!
  7. REMEMBER YOUR SERVERS!  I would like to take this time to make sure we all remember those that are working during our weekend of cinematic joy.  Even if you buy one popcorn and drink and refill it throughout the weekend, PLEASE remember our servers.  Tip well.  Tell them THANK YOU.  Work with them.  They are there to make our experience the best!

have a blast film club!

Click this Image to Photos from LOST WEEKEND III (courtesy of JGaylor Studio!)
How to Survive a Lost Weekend Event: A Step-By-Step Guide to Lost Weekend IV

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