Misogyny in the 80s: Keith Reviews the Cult Classic Weird Science

I’m always shocked when I see something that is universally loved and I cannot fathom why. I always feel like there are some redeeming factors or traits that I’ve missed. Maybe I saw it at the wrong time of my life. Who knows. Maybe it’s like the He-Man factor.

When I was a kid I LOVED He-Man. No one was cooler than He-Man. His cartoon was the best. Fifteen years later my friends and I spent a night watching it and, let me tell you, He-Man did not age well. It was poorly written, the majority of the show was him riding around while the chorus sang He-Man, and most of all, it was DUMB. Like, really dumb. As my friend who’d never seen the show before said

How did you guys watch this crap?

We had no answer. He-Man had forsaken us.

I recently saw Weird Science for the first time and I am completely perplexed why this movie is held in high regards. While some may see this as an 80’s coming-of-age movie, I see it as a movie that shouldn’t exist in any decade.

If you’ve never seen Weird Science, let me break it down for you. Gary and Wyatt are typical nerdy nice guys. They create their own woman using a scanner and a computer. Let that sink in. They CREATE LIFE WITH A COMPUTER. Apparently 80’s computers were SO powerful that they could create life from magazine clippings and a doll. But, not only did they create a woman, but they created a wizard who will obey them who can create anything she wants. This includes cars, clothes, and, oh, she can influence minds. AND she can ALSO turn wicked stepbrothers into weird poop blobs with elephant balls.

Clearly this is a sexist movie. There’s no getting around this. The whole premise of the movie is misogynistic. This movie is so sexist that even Joss Whedon calls it sexist! He wrote a whole episode of Buffy as his response to this movie. Casting Wyatt and Gary as the creepy Warren, Whedon wrote a story showing the evils of this scenario in the episode I Was Made to Love You.

I know this is a beloved movie of the 80’s and has cult status. Maybe if I’d seen it in the 80’s I’d be a little more forgiving. If this movie were in theaters now, it would score a seriously low on Rotten Tomatoes and would be panned more than the new Fantastic Four movie will be. It’s not a great movie in any stretch. Even young Bill Paxton and Robert Downey Jr couldn’t save this one. If you want to watch great movies featuring them at a young age, check out Aliens and Back to School. This one does not do them any favors.

I promise I don’t hate every movie. As a matter of fact my next review is about a beloved 80’s movie featuring a man on a spiritual quest to find his most prized possession. That one will be crowded with praise and love.

Not this one, though. Not Weird Science.

The King of Keith spends most of his nights wondering how the three seashell thing works in Demolition Man.  Other than that he spends most of his nights knitting and cross stitching.
Follow his rants here @kingofkeith
Misogyny in the 80s: Keith Reviews the Cult Classic Weird Science

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