SHEEPnanigans: A review of Shaun the Sheep:The Movie


This movie may cause a strange compulsion to “BAAAA” at unsuspecting people.

I went into this movie theater completely blind (my eye-glasses broke), at 11:15 am on Wednesday in my PJs, and I really didn’t know what to expect. Other than the promos for the movie I have never heard of Shaun the Sheep and was pleasantly introduced to a enjoyable story that put an unexpected spin on the traditional animated family movie plot.

Shaun the Sheep leads his herd to believe that they need a day off from their monotonous routine farm life and their grumpy farmer. So naturally they sent him away in the most dangerous way possible so that they could all get some much needed space… BY LETTING HIM ROLL DOWN A STEEP HILL INTO BUSY CITY STREETS IN A FRGGIN’ BUSTED OLD TRAILER!!!!!

After avoiding every anxiety-filled obstacle in his way, much like Mulan’s grandmother crossing the street, the farmer get knocked out by a wobbly part on the trailer and is sent to the hospital where he wakes up later with amnesia.

After a few margaritas, burnt popcorn and a broken toaster it is quite clear to Shaun and company that they are in desperate need of their farmer. So they disguise themselves as people and begin the search. While all of this is happening Bitzer the herding dog has been captured by the antagonist with no life outside his job, Trumper the animal control worker which helps Shaun out later in the search for the farmer when he is captured by Trumper as well.

And here comes the comedic jewel of this movie, the farmer became a world renowned hair stylist in a matter of a day because he happened to give the right man the sheared sheep look and after becoming absolutely fabulous all the hilarity ensues and everyone makes it home with a new appreciation of each other.

I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a feel-good film to relax or start a day off right.

SHEEPnanigans: A review of Shaun the Sheep:The Movie

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