Gemma Bovery. A Comedy? A Romance? Or Neither? A Review

Gemma Bovery is based on the 1856 classic Madame Bovary. If the movie followed the book, I never want to read the book. Hopefully it is more enjoyable than the movie. Since it is a classic, I’m assuming it’s a great read.

The movie starts out with us meeting Martin Joubert who loves classic novels and is a baker living in Normandy. His new English neighbors that moved in across the street have almost the same name (Gemma and Charlie Bovery) as the couple in his favorite book Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert.  Martin becomes friends with Gemma and Charlie and starts noticing that Gemma’s behavior resembles the behavior of the character Emma Bovary in the book. Gemma is bored in the country side and restless causing Martin to fear that she will cheat on her husband.

At this point, Martin becomes obsessed with tracking Gemma’s movements. He walks his dog as an excuse to monitor her and hopes to run into her. Martin slowly starts to fall in love with her himself. He sees Gemma having an affair with Bressigny, played by Niels Schenider and is heart broken by this. Gemma, on the other hand, is loving life. She is happier and enjoying life until Martin pretends to be Bressigny and breaks up with Gemma. Now her whole world is falling apart and Charlie leaves her in Normandy while he returns to London.

I was disappointed by Gemma Arterton (Gemma Bovery). I was expecting so much more from her and I just felt like she gave us no emotion. When her husband left her, it felt like nothing happened. There was no impact on the audience from the tragedy that was surrounding her. Maybe if we heard what she was thinking or more of her opinion, I would feel differently. The film just goes downhill from here in my opinion. Martin thinks he will be next with an affair to Gemma, but Gemma doesn’t care about anything anymore. She seems heartbroken but for the wrong reasons. The best part of the movie was the dogs, Gus and Carrington.

Going into this film, I was expecting a romantic comedy movie. I suppose I should have researched it more. Instead, I experienced a perverted man who is obsessed with his new neighbor and the neighbor’s wife; Gemma is obsessed with men except her husband.

The characters fell flat for me. I didn’t feel anything for these characters. Normally, you feel bad for someone, care about a character or hate a character and I experienced none of that. The only character I enjoyed was Charlie played by Jason Flemyng but we didn’t get to see much of him on screen sadly. That being said, I have to give credit to Fabrice Luchini who played Martin because he did a great job of portraying a deranged stalker. While this film had some pretty funny jokes throughout, jokes only go so far. This movie didn’t work for me. The best part of the movie was the ending and how Gemma’s story ended. It could’ve been so clever and it just wasn’t.

Ta Ta For Now!

Lacey Tomechko

What five year old spent her weekends watching Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Star Wars? THIS CHICK! I started working at 14 so I could go to movies or rent movies from the local video store. I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m still working.
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Gemma Bovery. A Comedy? A Romance? Or Neither? A Review

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