From the Mouth of Faye: A Little Ditty About Film Club’s Sister Group – Psycho Cinema

When I was a little girl I used to love Friday nights. The parents would pack us into the sedan and whisk us away to the local video den. While mom and dad perused the rom-coms I was off picking my ‘special’ film. My ‘late night everyone else is sleeping’ movie. Id march my little legs over to the cult-section and spend what felt like hours reading every description, completely mesmerized by the covers.

THESE were MY films.


While my friends were drooling over Corey Haim I was daydreaming about Ash Campbell. When friends invited me lake swimming I was double checking for piranha.

You don’t know what C.H.U.D stands for? You cant sit with me.

I am still that little girl. I still love the technicolor violence of slashers. The campy sexuality of 80’s horror. The ridiculous creature effects of Ghoulies, Basket Case, Wolfen. I am a fan of horror – and I have finally found my people.

killer workout pic

Psycho Cinema fell into my lap in the summer of 2014 and I was immediately excited. You mean there is a place where I can go and watch some of my old favorites with people like me?? Like, in a THEATER? Like, NOT in some dude’s basement? Holdup- there are MILKSHAKES?? This is my life, people- and it is glorious.

Psycho Cinema’s inaugural movie was Poultrygeist and we sold 5 tickets. Fast forward to May and we packed the house watching Alien. What a long way we’ve come, Cinemaniacs! There is so much potential with this group- with this genre!  How wonderful is it that we have a place (thanks, ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE!) and a community of eager viewers in which to share this awesome experience? Ill be there every week, your red-lipped usher into the macabre, cackling at the ridiculous, squeezing my eyes shut at the horrendous, and worshiping at the alter of ghoulish delight that is Psycho Cinema. See you there!


At the age of 7, Faye accidentally watched Debbie Does Dallas. Her past times include: buying red lipstick, passionately advocating against the existence of spiders and writing anonymous love letters to Steve Buscemi.
From the Mouth of Faye: A Little Ditty About Film Club’s Sister Group – Psycho Cinema

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