Eros, Thanatos, and My Buddy Freud: A Review of The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio

I apologize in advance for anything foul thing I say during this review.


**brushes badly placed toupee back and fixes collar**

Now, in all seriousness, The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio made me look further into why there are such large followings of the strange and bizarre cult films that film lovers covet like old ladies with their glass figurines and creepy dolls. Eventually it lead me to Sigmund Freud and his theory on basal urges. If you are not familiar, the theory states that there are only two basal urges found in our species: Eros: the urge to reproduce and Thanatos: the urge to destroy. It’s pretty clear that both basal urges are found in The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio

The film starts off with the eerie ice cream truck music we all dread to hear alone in our house at night and a young woman carelessly swinging from a tree. Eventually the ice cream truck’s music box reaches low battery and slows for optimal creepiness and leaving one to wonder what that pitchfork entering camera 2736409right is all about. Then as expected the lady is sprawled on the ground covered in a concoction of red #19 and cornstarch breathing her last theatrical breath with half her naked body exposed for the audience to gawk at. It’s the perfect way to begin a horror cult film.  And with a life taken, boobies to look at, and a captivated audience it’s easy to see how much Freud would have enjoyed this film just because it supports one of his theories. Sadly he kicked the bucket about 32 years too early to see this one. **TEARS**

As the murder mystery goes on we find the ladies of the Florence Nightingale Nursing Institute in some of the most compromising “positions” as they are slowly plucked off one by one by a mysterious murderous raving lunatic. Sounds great, right?


The film itself had great camera work and the director did a great job creating the creepy atmosphere needed for this type of film. The script is lacking in a classic type of way that makes it endearing and very fun to watch. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I will never admit this if asked but The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio feeds my twisted basal instincts in a way I have only found in A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Rocky Horror Picture Show my top favorite movies of all time.

And if I had to go out what better way than a schizo with a thing for astrology?

Eros, Thanatos, and My Buddy Freud: A Review of The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio

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