Leigh Review’s Felix Herngren’s The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window And Disappeared (whew!)

Wow, what a title, right?!  And in all honesty, I can never remember the whole thing.  But, I can promise you one thing, the movie will not be forgotten.

Based on Jonas Jonasson’s best-selling Swedish book, the movie follows a strangely interesting man on what seems to be a life time of endless adventures, literally blowing things up along the way.  Allan Karlsson, played by Robert Gustafsson, is about to celebrate his 100th birthday in a nursing home, when out of the blue he opens his window and jumps to escape.  Having no plan what-so-ever, he heads to the bus station and accidentally ends up with a suitcase full of cash. Allan bumbles his way through the next few days acquiring new friends as well as a local biker gang tailing him for the cash.

Allan is completely content by his seemingly endless adventures, just taking things in as life plays out before him.  Through a very entertaining series of flashbacks, the movie going audience is taken back through Allan’s Forrest Gump-like life.  As a young man and ‘working’ adult, Allan is lucky enough to have misadventures with Stalin, Truman, and even helps engineer the atomic bomb.  His life is one new folly after another, which leaves the audience literally laughing out loud.

This movie, while not completely originally, was most definitely a must see.  Movie audiences will enjoy every moment of Allan’s exciting and exotic life.  Robert Gustafsson was a gem and completely entertaining to watch as the character of Allan developed through all phases of his life.  The dialogue was witty and at times brilliantly charming.  From outlaw bikers, to retirement home nurses, they all had the audience giggling through the end.

I was fortunate to watch this movie with some of the finest people I know, a little group of misfits called Film Club 3.0.  I hope every city has an organization that cares about cinema as much as this band of brothers.  I could not imagine a more perfect film for us to screen on our 2nd Anniversary.  This movie had us laughing out loud, clapping with gusto and smiling all the way though.

As the lights came on, I think we all agreed this film was a mighty fine gift.

As Andy always tells us, Film Club is not only about an opportunity to see amazing movies that otherwise might not have made it to our small city, but this club is about community and the friendships we make along the way.  What a treat to celebrate by watching a 100-year-old man make some very unlikely friendships as well.

As we in film club became not just unknown strangers, so did Allan.

Cheers and until next time

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Leigh Review’s Felix Herngren’s The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window And Disappeared (whew!)

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