Leigh discovers a few good laughs with Barrymore’s 1999 Rom-Com NEVER BEEN KISSED

High School….we have all been there. And I am sure we have all have stories to tell, some good, some bad, and some outright embarrassing. One thing I am definitely sure of, I don’t want to go back.

Which is exactly what happens to Drew Barrymore, who plays Josie in Never Been Kissed. Josie is a young copy editor from the Chicago Sun-Times who is mousy, nerdy and unheard. At 25, Josie has yet to make her mark in the reporting world. In a hasty decision, she volunteers to go undercover as a high school student in hopes of breaking a big story.

Josie has high hopes for this new opportunity. She seems genuinely giddy to have this second chance at high school. However, the first day goes exactly the same as high school did for her the first time around. Josie is awkward and made fun of and she quickly learns that nothing changes in high school. She is forced to enroll the help of her little brother.

Halfway through the movie, just as I was forgetting that Josie was suppose to be writing an article, she meets a smart and sexy English teacher whom she immediately forms a bond with. While this should be super creepy, since Josie is suppose to be a high school student, I was just excited that this story was going somewhere. Josie’s boss sees this relationship blooming and tries to convince Josie that the article needs to be on teachers crossing the line with students. Well thank goodness we finally got back to the reporting!

While Never Been Kissed is not the worst movie I have ever seen, it is odd and choppy. With uncomfortable relationships, forgotten story lines, and a prom scene straight out of Carrie, I was wasn’t buying what they were selling. Was this movie about Josie’s job at the paper??? Love??? Or just plain high school redemption? Bottom line, some things never change. High school is high school in any decade. You will always have you jocks, your cool kids, and your mathletes. Did I need to sit through a two hour movie with a pretty unbearable and unimaginative ending to realize this? Probably not, but it wasn’t a complete waste. With Barrymore as the lead, Molly Shannon as her trusty sidekick and John C. Reilly as her over stressed boss, at least I had some good laughs!

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Leigh discovers a few good laughs with Barrymore’s 1999 Rom-Com NEVER BEEN KISSED

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