The Projection Room’s K. Maayan Sits Down For A Discussion with IRIS Producer Laura Coxson


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of picking through the brain of Laura Coxson one of the producers for our upcoming documentary screening IRIS. After researching Iris Apfel, one-half of the enchanting cast, I realized that every member of Film Club 3.0 that decides to attend will experience some intriguing moments in the life of a 93 year old ball of charisma and raw fabulousness. Here is a glimpse into one of the minds that made this all possible for us:

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Would you say that you were an active participant in the events that occurred on set?

Yes definitely, we were a small collaborative crew, (2) handheld cameras and myself and another producer and a sound person if we were lucky.  “On set” in a documentary is a funny term but I was involved in arranging/ managing and producing most all shoots.

When you find a potential project how can you tell it’s a film worth making?

It’s hard to know! I knew when our other producer Jennifer Ash Rudick sent an email to me at Maysles Films that it was a good idea, but then seeing the chemistry between Albert and Iris sealed the deal. We were all excited to move forward not knowing exactly what the film could be.

What is it like to balance your work and everyday life?

It’s difficult as I get distracted easily and so much of producing is hustling for money and scheduling and emailing and cold-calling. I find regular exercise to be key.

What was you first film watching experience like? Does this still influence you today?

From TV I loved Cinemax and HBO growing up, especially when they would play indie films–I distinctly remember the original THE VANISHING and STRANGER THAN PARADISE striking me.  I also loved the Sports Illustrated cover series–which Albert shot on!–that was really an early kind of reality TV/ doc hybrid. Anytime I went to the local cineplex I was happy too–I remember thinking there was nothing better than watching a movie with a big audience. Unfortunately there were no independent art theaters near my small town growing up.

Name your top 5 favorite films.

Always hard but for the moment, my top 5 are:
  • Withnail and I [1987; dir. Bruce Robinson]
  • A Poem is a Naked Person [1974; dir. Les Blank]
  • La Cienega [2001; dir. Lucrecia Martel]
  • Sidewalk Stories [1989; dir. Charles Lane]
  • Amy (the new Amy Winehouse documentary) [2015; dir. Asif Kapadia]

Is there anyone you see as a role model in the industry?

So many people!  Barbara Kopple, Joan Churchill, Debra Granik, and virtually every documentary producer I’ve met.

Do you like attending screenings of films you have worked on?

I do, it’s nice to hear an audience’s reaction during and afterwards.

Do you like the idea of having partners when working on projects or individual work better?

I can only work collaboratively.

Who encourages you most?

My fiance soon to be husband Jake Perlin and my producing partner Rebekah Maysles.

Do you have anything you would like to say to our Film Club 3.0 members who might be seeing this film for the first time?

I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired!  Thanks for watching.

That is all I have for you all today but I do hope to see all of your faces at the screening of IRIS Sunday, June 28th, 2015 @ 1:00 pm.  Tickets can be found by CLICKING HERE.

A big thanks to Laura Coxson for making this post possible.

Enjoy the Random Tunage. Balance, Peace, Transcendence.
K Maayan Brice
Twitter: @UnhengedWisdom
IG: @themysticalpoptart
The Projection Room’s K. Maayan Sits Down For A Discussion with IRIS Producer Laura Coxson

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