Before the Park and Before the World – there was THE LAND BEFORE TIME – A Review

The Land Before Time is a 1998 animated movie directed by Don Bluth and  executive produced by Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, and Frank Marshall.    Really, do I need to go on?  Just from those names, you know you are watching a quality film – not a cartoon, but film.  This is one of the best animation films ever made.  This adventure appeals to all ages. It is the story of Little Foot a precocious and loyal Apatosaurus.  The film begins with Little Foot, his mother, their herd, and other dinosaur herds traveling to the great valley.  Due to a series of natural disasters, their current home is devastated and there is no green food left. Littlefoot-the-land-before-time-32216416-500-375

Tragically, while Little Foot and his Triceratops friend, Cera are out playing they encounter a Sharp Tooth (T-Rex).  Little Foot is orphaned when his mother bravely sacrifices her life in defending her son and Cera from the evil Sharp Tooth.   An “earthshake” opens a crevice and the sharp tooth is pulled into it.  However, he and Cera are separated from the rest of the herds. On their journey to find the Great Valley and be reunited with Little Foot’s grandparents and Cera’s parents, they meet up with three other lost or misplaced youngsters; Ducky, a Saurolophus; Petrie, a Pteranodon; and Spike, a Stegosaurus. Each of these characters has their own personality.  You have the Chatty Ducky saying Yep, Yep to everything, the greedy Spike who says nothing, the quiet, timid Petrie, the bold Cera and the sweet, kind and caring Little foot.  They make the perfect team together. the-land-before-timeThe beauty of this movie is that it deals with many social issues to include prejudice.  The four young dinosaurs learn that even though they are different, they can work together and build friendships.  Those very friendships and loyalties are what keeps them alive and ultimately gets them to the Great Valley to be reunited with their families. Fun Fact: Land Before Time has 12 sequels, eight video games, TV show and two sing-along videos.

Of course, the first one is the best!

Yep, Yep, Yep!

Ta Ta For Now!

Lacey Tomechko

For those with a desire to revisit the LAND BEFORE TIME, click HERE for tickets as it plays at our local Alamo Drafthouse June 22nd – June 25th, 2015.

What five year old spent her weekends watching Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Star Wars? THIS CHICK! I started working at 14 so I could go to movies or rent movies from the local video store. I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m still working.
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Before the Park and Before the World – there was THE LAND BEFORE TIME – A Review

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