A Review of Teddy Chan’s KUNG FU KILLER – Which, literally, Kills!

I am a huge Kung Fu fan. To say that I was excited about Teddy Chan’s Kung Fu Killer, is an understatement. This part serial killer, part kung fu movie not only brought my two favorite genres together, but also stars one of the best kung fu stars of our generation.


Donnie Yen, of IP Man fame, plays Hahou Mo, a convicted murderer in jail, for what appears to be an accidental homicide. When a clubbed foot serial killer starts systemically killing kung fu masters, Hahou convinces the Hong Kong police that he can help find the killer who is targeting these masters with specific skill sets.

While this action packed psychologic thriller takes a step away from the traditional revenge motive of the classic kung fu movie, it does not disappoint. Although the plot mainly serves as a medium to get from one fight scene to the next, the fight scenes are beautifully shot and each one is unique in setting and martial art skills. But the crown jewel is the one epic final battle. A battle that takes place in the middle of busy Hong Kong traffic, which serves to only increase the tension of this brutal battle to the death. And don’t expect a vanilla ending, the conclusion of the final battle hangs in the balance to the bitter, bloody end.

Kung Fu Killer modernizes the traditional grind house kung fu movie, combining a modern day setting and theme with traditional old school fighting. With such high stakes riding on every fight scene, this movie is a must see. With a serviceable plot and outright amazing action sequences, there is certain to be something to entertain everyone. Action movie fans will love it, psychological thriller fans will love it and most importantly, kung fu fans will not want to miss this gem.

Until next time-

Leigh Phillips

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A Review of Teddy Chan’s KUNG FU KILLER – Which, literally, Kills!

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