The Goonies 2? Why a Goonies Sequel Might and Might Not Happen

Plus, my top 5 Goonies trivia bits

Goonies Group hiding in old restaurantThe Goonies lovers everywhere have been alternately delighted and deflated at conflicting reports of a possible sequel to this iconic American adventure comedy film. Directed by Richard Donner and produced by Steven Spielberg, The Goonies introduced us to a beloved group of kids from the Goon Dock area of Astoria, Oregon who is gathering together for one last weekend before their families lose their homes to an expanding nearby country club. Facing foreclosure, The Goonies’ parents have no way to raise enough money to stop developers from tearing down their homes for a new golf course. By the film’s end, the homes are saved, thanks to an adventurous treasure hunt led by Goonie Mikey Walsh.

The Goonies – 30 Years Later

So, what story would a possible The Goonies sequel tell – 30 years later? And, is it possible to line up all of the actors who played the original Goonies, including Mikey (Sean Astin), Brandon (Josh Brolin), Chunk (Jeff Cohen), Mouth (Corey Feldman), Andy (Kerri Green), Stef (Martha Plimpton) and Data (Ke Huy Quan)?

Fans Weigh In on a Possible Goonies Sequel

Opinions abound on the importance of having the original characters play more than cameo roles, for the story to focus on the next generation of The Goonies and for it to take place once again in Astoria, which was as much of a character in the movie as The Goonies themselves.

But, there are also many Goonies fans out there that have mixed feelings about a possible sequel to a film that had so much significance for them in their childhood. They don’t want it ruined by special effects, new characters and a different location.

Where are The Goonies Now?

The Goonies actors themselves might not all be up for a sequel. While Sean Astin, Corey Feldman and Josh Brolin have each said they might be part of a Goonies sequel at one point or another, others in the original cast may not be willing to reprise their roles in a Goonies 2 project. For example, Jeff Cohen is now an attorney and founding partner of a law firm. Ke Huy Quan (also known as Jonathan Quan) is a martial arts consultant and Kerri Green now runs a production company.

Rumors and “Reports”

Rumors were flying about Steven Spielberg having a Goonies sequel story idea at the end of 2014, as the 30-year anniversary of The Goonies was approaching (the film’s first screening was in June, 1985). Reports even went so far as to name June 2015 as the possible release date for the sequel. But alas, there has been no confirmation that a film is in the works as of yet.

My Favorite Goonies Trivia

While we wait for news on a possible Goonies sequel, let’s look at my top 5 bits of trivia (in no particular order) about the movie:

1. During the film’s denouement, the kids tell their parents that they had encountered a giant octopus. There had actually been a scene with an octopus – it landed on the cutting room floor, but the line at the end of the movie didn’t.

2. The film was shot almost entirely in sequence – a rarity in today’s filmmaking.

Goonies group at end

3. The kids did not see the pirate ship until the scene in which their characters first glimpsed it. Director Richard Donner wanted to capture genuine awe and amazement on their faces. However, they were so amazed that they were dumbfounded, so the scene had to be re-shot. What you see in the film is the second take.

4. When rocks were falling from the cave’s ceiling, Data yells “Holy S-H-I-T”. The script called for him to say the curse word, but as he had promised his mother he would not use any bad language in the film, he resorted to spelling it out instead.

Goonies Data

5. Many of the parents who reunite with The Goonies kids at the end of the movie are the kids’ real parents.

Goonies Mouth with Parents

BONUS:  Jeff Cohen said being the “fat kid” on the set isn’t all that much fun because he was expected to eat throughout the film. Citing the scene where Chunk sprays whipped cream into his mouth directly from the can as an example: “Say you do fifty takes, that’s fifty hits of the whipped cream.”

Goonies Chunk in Freezer

What are your thoughts about a possible sequel to The Goonies?  What would you want to see in the second movie and what would you NOT want to see?

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The Goonies 2? Why a Goonies Sequel Might and Might Not Happen

One thought on “The Goonies 2? Why a Goonies Sequel Might and Might Not Happen

  1. I’m not sure I want to see a Goonies sequel. Some things are just right for the moment — a perfect alignment of the stars. I wouldn’t want to see a sequel or remake of The Breakfast Club or Pretty Woman. It’s nice to enjoy and celebrate that quintessential movie that captures the heart of a generation.


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